Connecting to Protect

A world-first global initiative to tackle children and young people's online pornography access, focussing on mental health and safety consequences.

The Connecting to Protect Global Coalition is launching soon

The 2022 Stronger Together Summit, held in February 2022, was a world-first initiative to address this issue globally. The Stronger Together Summit – protecting children from online pornography by inviting a public health response, facilitated expert-led educational and collaborative sessions on strategic responses to protect children and young people from online pornography. Hosted by Connecting to Protect, the summit focused on:

  • Current Research, neuroscience, psychology, child protection, and sociology
  • Legislation and policy
  • Technology and age verification
  • Education & awareness strategies across all sectors
  • Therapeutic protocols and strategies
  • Lobbying or other campaign successes
  • Child exploitation prevention & intervention (related to porn harms)

As part of participating in this world-first initiative, we requested that our delegates read and agree to our memorandum of understanding so that we have a shared understanding for collaboration.

Lessons learned from the inaugural 2022 Global Virtual Summit will inform a Global Action Plan: Strategic Response Report. We aim to:

  • Connect, educate, and mobilize key stakeholders globally to prevent and address the negative impacts caused to children and young people accessing legal pornography online.
  • Identify and educate key individuals to champion a strategic response to help align all countries’ initiatives globally.
  • Launch and establish membership in the Connecting to Protect Global Coalition
  • Invite contributions to the Connecting to Protect Global Resource & Research Hub. The Global Resource Hub will include a collection of policy and legal templates, processes for implementing safeguarding measures for child protection, and links to vetted therapeutic and education materials. The Global Research Hub will incorporate reviews and links to existing journal articles, scholarly recommendations to address porn harms, methodologies and templates, and suggestions for further research.

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A must-see documentary for every parent on how to protect our kids from online predators and the fallout from exposure to today’s genres of hardcore, violent, degrading porn. Featuring some of the world’s leading experts in this field, this exceptional documentary is accessible throughout the summit with a special opportunity to hear directly from the producers.

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